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Time for another update.

Believe it or not, I still have no intention of deleting this site. However, it’s not because I have too much to say.

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve eliminated the essay part of the site. I’ve written about all I can write, as have many people. David Swanson is still writing. People, such as Chris Hedges and Thom Hartman are still offering oped pieces for OpEdNews and other online news and opinion outlets. I really have to admire them. Nonetheless, they’ve been writing the same things over and over and over again and nothing has changed. How does that wall feel against your heads, guys?

In fact, since I launched this site almost 10 years ago, things in this country have gotten worse. Racism has not disappeared since Obama’s become president. His presidency has given narrow minded, hypocritical racists more reason to remain that way.

I haven’t been particularly enthralled by his administration, but it’s not because he can do no right. When he’s attempted to do the “right thing”, as I see it, he’s either not gone far enough, as with health care, or he’s tried to bring conservatives and progressives together. He’s done the latter mostly by becoming the third best Republican president we’ve ever had, after Lincoln and Clinton. He’s taken the “if you can't beat them, join them” page right out of Slick Willy’s book. Dog knows, the other side has done its best to prevent him from doing that. Since he never even proposed universal health care, I’m surprised that the Republicans haven’t tried to do it just to spite him.

I’ve been told that, as America’s first Black president, he’s had to be careful about how aggressively he promotes his agenda. In my humble opinion, if one is a politician representing a constituency, one needs to represent that constituency’s interests. This is true for those in the US Congress as well as those in state and local government. Like most presidents before him, Obama has said that he thinks everyone should pay his or her fair share, but has done nothing to ensure that they do. Granted, as mentioned, he’s had no help representing the majority of the American people, the people who put him in office in the first place.

I’ll give one example of how President Obama isn’t watching out for Americans and that will be it for this shit.

If one searches the internet, one finds it difficult to determine whether NAFTA has had a positive or a negative effect upon Americans’ ability to earn a living wage. If one has any question about the definition of a “living wage”, Teddy Roosevelt summed it up nicely in a 1912 campaign speech. As you listen to his speech, you’ll understand that I’m not suggesting that all Americans should have a chance to live an opulent life style, merely what Roosevelt called a “normal” life style. However, because CEOs, professional athletes and movie and TV personalities are doing their best to corner the opulent life style market, the “normal” life style, which, not all that long ago, was available to those Americans who were willing to work for it, is out of reach for most Americans today.

Obama wants to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Earlier trade agreements that we’ve made with China have made it easier for corporations to export jobs which once paid Americans a living wage to that “communist” nation. The jobs which used to allow Americans to earn a “normal” life style pay Chinese workers $2.29 an hour on average. If there are any decent paying jobs remaining in The FUSA for Americans who haven’t been fortunate enough to climb the ladder to the top of multinational corporations or to become professional athletes or professional performers, the TPP will surely seal their fate.

I’ve written way more about today’s wonderful – sorry – dysfunctional American society than I would like to have written. What I wrote above explains why I don’t waste my time watching, commenting on or reporting the news. Well, there is no news, no objective reporting of the type once done by Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley or Reynolds. If one is a conservative and loves to hate, one need only watch what is ironically called Fox “news”. If one is a liberal and only wants to hear that side of the story, one might watch MSNBC and believe he or she is getting the news with a liberal bias. Of course, MSNBC is no more liberal than, say, Barrack Obama or Bill Clinton. However, fooling ourselves is what we Americans have become proficient at doing and we love to hate each other and each other’s ideas and ideals. This is the way those who are wealthy want it and, judging by the dearth of outrage against those citizens of this nation who have it and won’t share it with the the less fortunate citizens of this nation, writing and whining about it is a moot point. By “share it”, I don’t mean just give it away. I mean provide jobs that pay that pesky living wage and carry their fair share of the necessary tax burden. Americans don’t give a shit about a lot of things and other Americans rank right up there among those things. I, at 65, am too far into this life to try to convince others that all is OK when it is blatantly not OK. If people in today’s society give a damn, then those people have to start giving a damn together. In the meantime, the boot prints of the wealthy will remain on the backs of the apathetic and the minds of the apathetic will continue to be manipulated by the wealthy. One can’t teach people who think they know everything and want what they know to be reinforced in lieu of wanting to learn and act. That’s just the way it is, folks.

Consequently, this site will become a site for art. The Music and Poetry sections of this site will not only remain, but, hopefully, improve. Of course, if you’ve ever browsed World Conditions and Action Items, you realize that much of my music and poetry deals with our dysfunctional society, both on a national and global level. I also write about personal experience, about love and love lost and anything that inspires me. If nothing else, I hope that readers and listeners will enjoy the art even if the content is depressing. I would still love to get mature feedback as well.

I will keep and possibly add to the About Michael section of the site. I wouldn’t wish the shit I went through during 50 years of my life on my worst enemy and, if I can shine a light upon what is and what is not supportive and loving parenting for even one or two people, it will be a good thing.

And that’s the way it is thus far in 2015.

Serious, Mature Feedback Encouraged

To friendship,

“Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got.” - Janis Joplin